Sarah, always honest, direct, to the point and accurate. Feels like chatting to my big sister. Thankyou. - Suzanne 


Thank you Judy for a wonderful reading last night. You were spot on with what came through the reading with different questions. I will also keep you up to date with the predictions in the reading. Love & Light. - RK.


Wow... what a gorgeous soul. From the calm, compassionate voice to the authenticity of the read, Sarah is just a delight to speak with. A true lifeline when life throws unnerving obstacles. Thank you for the soulful reading.  - Kristal S.


Once again Rose, you cleared my mind... I'm not stressed out this time. I wish the change comes through... you know what I mean. I always like to hear your clarity. Thanks. - JLB.


Always reassuring to talk to you. Still forgot to ask a couple of questions. Will we marry and something else. I need to write them down. Getting old. Thank you for everything Eva. - Katy Lee.


Thanks again Starr for a great reading. You really do keep me positive in a very frustrating situation. I long for the day I can ring you and say it’s finally happened. Talk to you soon. xxx - Brigette R.


I had an awesome reading with  Page tonight. She confirmed everything I was thinking, and I can't wait to see her prediction come true. Hopefully at Xmas and not Easter lol. You're hilarious and so easy to talk to. You rock!!! Thank you so much.  - Bill Osby.


This beautiful lady is a true star. (Jasmine) Thank you for all of your guidance. I am actually starting to see a few little changes - so here’s hoping my new found patience pays off.- Dorothy C.


Thank you Page for your support, kindness and humour, I appreciate your readings very much and have always felt like I have been talking to a wise and talented sister. I would recommend your readings to any of my friends! Much love.  - Grace ST.


My reading with Roxy was superb! It seemed to be the perfect reading at the perfect time by the best person. Roxy reminded me of some special gifts I had misplaced and provided me with tips for dealing with certain obstacles I would most likely always encounter. I bless her cotton socks and thank her lucky stars. xxx - Paul Gicotto.


Testimonial for Judy: Judy is great, amazing and perfect. She tells me everything is to come for me. Everything she said so far has happened. She answers all my questions, never gives false hope. She is a true star, just perfect. - Leonie


Testimonial for Tina....Wow Angel is amazing. I had a reading and found it just the best! Felt amazing after. Highly recommend. Thanks love and light - Janette.


I had a reading with Isabella 29/03. She was amazing! Very accurate. She tuned straight into what was happening. Vary caring approach. She didn't give me false hope - in fact it was the reality and it all made sense. A fantastic reader. Thank you - Maria


I've had a reading with Natalia before and she was amazing reader as well. Tuned into what was happening straight away and was accurate. Thank you - Maria


I always enjoy talking to Sarah. Her insights and understanding are invaluable and full of validation. She is wonderful spiritually and as a person. So much in common. - Sophia.


Thanks Judy for the clear and terrific reading. Loved the way you set it all out for me and I look so forward to things developing as you predict. You were on the nail with the validations so I have every hope of seeing things come to fruition. - Connie.


Thank you 119 Isabella in just a short amount of time the information you bought through was amazing. Can’t wait for prediction and next reading. - Yvonne.


Sarah - So accurate!! So amazing!! So uplifting!! reading was on Feb 13th. - Deb.


Sarah - WOW!! The reading just flowed without me saying a thing! A truly gifted psychic!! Lifted me from a place of worry and confusion to completely positive and excited for the future! reading Jan 26th. Thank you - Julia.


Just had a reading from Darla, completely amazed at how spot on and insightful it was.  Anyone who is thinking of getting done go for it!! - Klem Jenkins


Thank you so much for your reading Darla.  I loved it. You were spot on about everything and took the time to explain everything and not look at the time a lot of reader do. I would highly recommend.  - Sage Wood


Rita is absolutely amazing! With her incredibly caring and understanding nature she provides guidance to overcome personal hurdles and would go out of her way to ensure you have the tools to live the life of happiness that you deserve. I can't recommend her highly enough! - Brooke


Sarah is spot on the nail, she has been reading for me for the past couple of months. I will always be calling you.

Thank you. - Vittoria.


I have been talking to Judy for the past 6 months. I am more than impressed with her accurate predictions and psychic ability. There have been many times the logical side of my brain has thought things should work out differently, but she was right every time.  Judy is non-judgemental, a good listener and knows her craft beyond what is expected. She provides guidance with sincerity and compassion and draws from many levels of expertise.

highly recommend Judy. - Suzanne.


Omg Page, everything you say just happens. You’re so accurate with you’re readings, Ill be calling and recommending you to all my friends and family. Thank you. - Danielle.


I was extremely happy with my reading from Faith, a lot of the reading was accurate to what I was experiencing at the time and was amazed as to what she picked up on so much. The reading helped me with closure and opened my eyes to help me focus on myself. Will definitely be calling her again. - Alicia 


"Very happy with the tarot reading that I received from Sarah." The reading was true as to what was happening in my life. Sarah, explained the meaning of the cards in a way that I could understand. I can highly recommend Dorothy and will be going to her for my next reading. - Beck


Great reading  Sally, I will recommend you to my family and friend’s. Thank you so much. - Paula.


"Sarah” is amazing! She saw things I just couldn't believe! The future is just so exciting! “Rita” was just as I hoped, gentle advice and very positive guidance while at the same time tuning in really well seeing some great things happening very soon! - Toni.


Thank you Luna, I was stuck in my life and you helped in every way guiding me through my business issues. Highly recommended. - Ingrid.


Thank you Frances, you just made my day and enlighten me in every way. I will speak again soon, cheers. - Lee.


Rita, thank you so much for your reading and insight for helping me and guiding me through my issues I have in life. I will recommend you to my family and friends. Thank you once again.  - Lilly.


I had a love reading for the first time with Sarah.  She tuned into my situation without even asking my partner's name and birth date. She enlightened me with what my other halves inner feelings were and described present and future feelings in the way my partner reacts!! Luckily, for me Sarah had nothing but good positive news (even options I had never imagined) And even told me I will pass on my driving  test coming soon. I found Sarah very warming and welcoming with a good sense of humour - Kathy Bishop


Tina, you’re wonderful and thank you for giving me a great reading I will be recommending you to my family and friends. - Denise.


Thank you Jasmine, your reading was just what I needed to hear. I lost my Grandmother and you helped me understand what she is trying to tell me now that she has passed over. Thank you once again. - Olivia.


A girlfriend recently told me about the Gypsy Psychics, after her amazing experience. I made a call and have never looked back. Jeanette does a seriously awesome job, personally taking care of her clients. Every Gypsy has a gift, whether it’s Darla's wicked sense of humour, ridiculous accuracy and time predictions! Page''

s clarity and ‘ blow you away’ reading with Tarot, Sarah ‘ wow-factor’ visions! Natalie gentleness and gift of healing and Sally life experience and ability to see clearly the months ahead, Gypsy Psychics gives me strength to have faith and trust always.  - Deb


Just won’t to leave a testimonial for Vitoria she was really good spot on thank you. - Karen


Isabella...........AMAZING - Sam.


Sarah, your readings are so calming and compassionate. Thank you for a great Reading. - Val.


Luna,  thank you so much for your guidance and reading it was what I wanted to hear and two weeks later it all happen. - Tony.


Sally -  so accurate. - Liz.


Just wanted to say what a good reading thanks Cynthia. - Karen.


Thank you  Natalia for your uplifting reading. - Loretta.


Thank you Cynthia, i’ll call you again. - Rosa.


Sarah is very presice, on point and very honest, true and offers great guidance. I am very impressed by her and I will definitely be calling her again. Thank you Sarah for a wonderful reading. I am really looking forward to the near and distant future. Much love and guidance. - Robyn Brown. 


Great reading from Cynthia for the third time. Her predictions have come to pass and I can't wait for our next reading. Thanks again - Sarah from Brisbane Australia on 31/01/2019


Page was great in predicting very accurately 2 weeks ago about a job that I would be getting which now has been confirmed 2 weeks to the day almost that she predicted I would be offered it.  She has also picked up on my Mother in law's health problems very accurately.  She also knew about a particular goal that I have for myself which is a secret to everyone in my life except my partner, and is something she says that I will be very successful doing in the future.  I was really surprised that she picked up on this and I look forward to more of Hope's  predictions coming into fruition in my life in the future.   Carlene - Singapore 17.4.19 


Hi There, My name is Krystal. I had a reading with Sarah #117 and she is absolutely amazing! Like mind-blowing amazing accurate. She told me things in details that no one would have ever known except if you were there! Bless this woman and her gift, shes a true gem! She was THAT good, as soon as my 15mins ran out, i instantly topped them back up to chat with her some more. Very helpful. Thank you thank you thank you Sarah. - Krystal


I have to say that I have been through the greatest hearings and transformation the last few months and I believe in all the readers as I am sure they all have been available to me. They have been accurate supportive and so caring. I would like to thank Sally, Ashley, Luna , Rita, Mary. Take the time to make that investment in your health and well being. Namaste -  Jenette xxx


Hi, my name is Simone. I had an amazing reading with Sarah Op #117. She was very quick at picking up on things that no one else would know except myself. Her predictions are extremely accurate and her guidance and support are incredible. Such a beautiful soul and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a truly gifted psychic for a caring and detailed reading. Kind Regards - Simone Hutchinson.


Absolutely amazing reader.  Sally, fast and accurate about current situation and hopeful about future predictions. She tuned into personalities and past very clearly. - Olivia.


Thank you again Page for keeping me positive. I love chatting to you. Your belief that I'll get what I want keeps me going. I’m really hoping you're right about this and I'll get out the whipper snipper to trim up the garden :) Hopefully next time I talk to you I'll have good news. - Emma.


Thank you Sally, your prediction was right about him coming back, now patience to see the rest unfold. You were spot on before, great connection with my situation so I have all faith you'll be right. Again so glad I found you, you’re a true gem. Bless you sweetheart, till we chat again, take care. xx - Ellie


Finally got through to this awesome lady for a reading!!! Super excited about what she predicts. Very quick and doesn't waste any time. Can’t wait to see everything all unfold as she says especially about the 8 inches :) Thank you Sally, and I'll let you know how things progress.  - Vicky


Had a really uplifting, positive and accurate reading with Page. She described my current situation to a tee, especially regarding the guy in question. Thank u again Page, will keep u updated on what’s to come. xx   - Deb.


Roxy was so spot on and really uplifting to talk too :) Would highly recommend. x  - David


Thank you so much for your reading Roxy your amazing. - John.


Roxy - Amazing Reader def tell my friends and family. - Kelly


What an amazing reader!! She picked up my dad who had just passed & gave me messages from him to comfort us. Told me things to validate that she was on the right track. Amazing, amazing thank you Darla- Rosy


Had a reading with Darla yesterday. It was great and I was happy when she brought my sister and my father in. - Lacey.


Amazingly accurate. Everything she has told me has either been or has happened. Sally is a beautiful soul who delivers her readings without asking questions and with complete compassion. She has helped guide me through a truly emotional period in my life. - Danielle


I found Roxy to be a very insightful, encouraging and insightful reader. Naturally gifted, she read for me with astonishing accuracy. - Tonina


Always superbly tuned in, sensitive, insightful, incredibly helpful and uplifting. Beautiful Ashley. Thank you  xx - Karmal


I called Sarah,  on recommendation from an operator. I know why she has so many good reviews she is simply AMAZING. She picked up on my getting mu loan and even predicted accurately that I would be offered a lesser amount and the amount it would be!! I look forward to her other predictions. Thank you Sarah  - Lyn Cag


Sarah is incredibly amazing I don't even know where to start from ! She's been reading for me for months and WOW all I can say is she is always accurate . This beautiful lady has stunned me many times. Such an honest and humble lady. I definitely recommend her she doesn't disappoint. Sarah keep up the great work your incredibly talented! - MK


I just want to pass on my feedback for Rebecca pin 132:
I had the pleasure of having a reading with Rebecca and she was very intuitive- connected with me instantly and was excellent at relaying msgs from my passed over loved ones that resonate to my current circumstances (eg things that were on my mind they literally answered for me). Rebecca is worth the call! Will be back again in the future. Thankyou! - Krystal