Our Gypsys


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Gypsy Rita
Hi my name is Rita, I am Clairvoyant, Medium and a Tarot reader. I have a very large clientele all over the world, with positive feedback.  For the last 18 years I have worked very deeply with clients at all levels.  I am also a qualified life coach, a licensed Louise Hay teacher and have specialised in counselling in personal and relationship issues.  I tune into others very accurately which is of great support when needing clarity and guidance.  I have an empathetic and loving nature and look forward to the opportunity of assisting you with your healing and creating a positive outcome in your life.
1300 179 359 +61883121275
Gypsy Sarah
Hi my name is Sarah, and greetings. My Ancestors are from Irish background from a line of Gypsy's dating back from third generation.  I am a Psychic Clairvoyant with over 25 years of experience specialising in Love and Relationships, Work, Career and Finances. I offer clarity along with compassion in my reading connecting you from the higher Source.  I look into the future, present and past to give accurate and authentic aid assisting in life direction.  My readings are straight to the point with no sugar coating guiding you in the direction you wish to seek. So call me for a reading.


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Gypsy Theron
‘Get ready for your life to change for the better!’ For anyone who desire to live the life they deserve and walk the path towards happiness. Devoting his life to your happiness, remove negative influences, restore peace of mind and reunite the separated. Knowing your purpose in life, discovering your true power, finding true love and happiness. Theron offers unique consultation and reading assisting you with healing, spiritual growth and addressing your spiritual issues whilst guiding you to take control of your life. With his unique techniques to discover answers and solutions to some of life’s most intriguing problems.
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Gypsy Isabella
Hello, I am a natural, born gifted Clairvoyant Psychic Medium named Isabella. Working with angels, spirit guides, tarot cards and my psychic intuition, I have over twenty-five years experience in this field. I specialise in love relationships, and soul matters of the heart. If you want to know what your partner or someone else is truly thinking and feeling, I am the right person to answer all your questions. I can provide you with the answer to the important questions in life, such as are we soul mates, and, will we be together? I can also provide you with direction and clarity on your career, finances, health, travel and more. 


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Gypsy Dilek

Greetings my name is Gypsy Dilek.  I am a third generation empathic energy healer, spiritual consultant and life coach and Teacher. I know I am guided by a higher power, where the 'Knowing' comes from and I am merely a Mediator of that power used to deliver messages through my Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Empathic and Medical Intuitive abilities. I have Experience in Healing, Readings and Teaching for over 15 years.  I also have a background in Naturopathy, Psychology, Hypnosis, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Quantum Energy Healing and Shamanic Healing. I use the Tarot, Runes, Numerology,  Shamanic Candle Flame reading and Automatic Writing. 

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Gypsy Gabrielle
Internationally recognise Clairvoyant, Medium, known as the Angle Whisperer down under.  Gabrielle started on Japan TV ASAHI solve investigative journalist programme 2003 to 2007.  Gabrielle's unerring accuracy as a Forensic Medium.  All videos and scenes are 100% verifiable by TV ASAHI.  Gabrielle is a Forensic Medium and is passionate in her Psychic work. She has predicted prior to the events the death of Princess Diana on radio, terrorists attach 911 the US invading second time in Iraq and wars through the middle east.  Gabrielle predicted her predictions in Aug 1998.  Gabrielle is a loving sincere, gentle compassionate woman. So call me for a genuine reading.


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Gypsy Luna

Luna is a natural born Psychic with over 20 years professional experience in the reading industry.  During that time she has done many roles, which even included her own Psychic radio show.  An extremely gifted Medium and Psychic who has been described by all her clients as being spot on with an amazing gift, the real deal with a beautiful soul.  Her readings challenge even the strongest sceptics. Luna offers Psychic readings, medium work, Tarot readings, Chakra readings, Crystal readings Past Life readings & Dream interpretations. 

Luna is looking forward to answering any questions you may have. Call Gypsy Luna for a reading you won’t be disappointed.

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Gypsy Wendy
Hi my name is Wendy , I’ve been reading for the past 20 years I’ve been passed on this gift from my late Grandmother.  I can give you an accurate detailed life changing guidance. I am devoted to sharing reliable guidance with insight, clarity and direction in matters of: Love & Relationships, Career, Family, Finance. Using my life long gift as a Psychic spiritual ancient card reader. I can also give you experienced and compassionate spiritual counselling on all topics relating to what’s happening around you and help guide you through.


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Gypsy Judy

Hello my name is Judy, l have been psychic from a small child. l would pick up the energies from others around me and would get messages come to me. My mother and grandmother would encourage me to work with it and listen for the messages. I  have since developed my skills through psychic development classes and esoteric studies, including dream interpretation, sitting in circle and numerology. I am a qualified tarot reader and am able to use these tools which always back up what I pick up on a psychic level, which all assists me in my readings for a client. As well as traditional Astrology.  I have been doing readings professionally now for 20 years.l look forward to doing a reading for you.

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Gypsy Ellie

HI I’m Ellie, I discovered I was Clairaudient at the age of 7 years old. I use my gifts of Clairaudient, Clairsentient and Clairvoyance to give you insight into your life.  I have been reading Tarot cards for the last 26 years and I have many clients who have found their purpose in life after my readings.  I will connect with my spirit guide to give you answers regarding your personal and career matters. I truly enjoy what I do. I’m compassionate kind reader. Any questions you may have ranging from family spiritual experiencers you are having. There is no problem too big or too small for me to help my clients. So call me for a reading you won’t forget. 





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Gypsy Jacqueline

Jacqueline has knocked the socks off her listeners of World Radio where she solves countless difficult issues over live broadcast with clarity, logic, and clear understanding. Her answers are very specific when you ask a specific question.  Born gifted, Jacqueline has completed courses and education to develop her talents further. 20 years experience professional medium psychic. 10 years experience Animal Communication. Jacqueline can remote view and describe what she says clearly. Let go of the frustration of life’s questions “does he like me?” “Why is the cat peeing on my be?”, “Is she having an affair?”, “Why is my boss treating me like this?”, “What dos my future look like?” “Will I get that job?”

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Gypsy Brigette

“Brigette is back” Approach me with an open mind and heart, and be prepared to be fascinated.  I can be found and ready to help you when ever in need with any questions, issue, confusions and concerns your seeking answers and direction with. I will also tap into those directly connected to you to see what is happening with their feelings and thoughts of your feeling from their energies around you. Clairvoyance (or “clear vision”),describes my ability to see pictures and visions in my head, also as a Tarot ancient card reader who can see things beyond the normal  senses, like energy light and vibrations.This added to my abilities associated with extra sensory perception will enable me to help you.


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Gypsy Starr

I am a natural born Psychic. I have been reading since I was 20 years old and am a very experienced reader.  I am a generation Psychic reader, and am true gifted from the Roman Days. I have assisted many clients with answers of the heart and soul, my ability is passed down through the generations, I am a seventh-generation reader. All my skills are Psychic work in love, relationship and career filed and include Psychic counselling; Mediumship; Clairvoyant; Tarot cards; Angel cards; Dream interpretation; lost objects; Crystal readings and much more.

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Gypsy Rose

Hi, my name is Rose, I’m lucky enough to have been aware of my Psychic abilities all of my life. I am blessed with psychic intuition and Clairvoyance and have been reading successfully for people for over 20 years. We all need help and guidance at times and I'm happy to share my gift with you, assisting you with guidance and clarity in all areas of life. I look forward to hearing from you :)