How to Prepare for a Psychic Reading


Having someone tell you they can look into your past, present or future or speak to the deceased can be a super scary thing. Paying them to tell you about it can be even more frightening. Before you call a psychic, make sure you are prepared for the truths to come.

But psychic readings are only as scary as you think they’re going to be. Sure, it can be confronting to have a man you’ve just met tell you that your health line is at odds with the rest of your reading (still waiting to figure out what he meant by that).

Preparing for my first psychic medium reading involved a massage and wine with lunch – my friend and I had planned a full-on girls’ day. I didn’t know what to expect, other than what I’d seen in movies. And I didn’t have a murdered partner, so I knew I wasn’t going to be reliving Ghost.

Basically, I had a few questions in my head and was armed with a notebook, pen and a small dose of both fear and scepticism. Now, that was all great, but next time (and there will be a next time) I’m going to prepare slightly differently.

So, if you’re a bit nervous about your reading – whether it be a telephone reading or an in-person one, a love tarot reading or a palm reading – follow some of the tips below for some reassurance.

When you book – Know why you are going

This is so crucial to being able to get the information you want to know. My basic reasoning for going to have a spiritual reading was that I found it fascinating. I don’t want to suggest that’s a bad reason to go, but maybe consider digging a little deeper.

Clearly, there is a reason you find this interesting and this reason may enlighten you about what it is that you want to find out. For example, I was curious about my career path, as I was approaching the end of my university degree and nervous about entering the job world. Maybe you are feeling uncertain about something, or are looking for some life reassurance.

1-2 days prior – Prepare a few questions

My spiritual readings have usually been directed by the reader, with me choosing the paths I would like to follow. Inevitably though, during my first session, I hit a dead-end. This is when it is great to have a few questions prepared – ideally open-ended and not too specific. A simple ‘tell me more about my health for the next five years’ can be just the prompt your reader needs.

To remember these questions, write them down in a notebook and take it with you. Trust me, you will not remember them once you’re in there.

The Day Of – Relax

Having a clear mind is crucial when you go into your reading. You want to minimise distractions and interrupting thoughts that will take you out of the moment. Not only will this help both you and your reader stay on track, but having a sense of calm will enable you to get the most out of your reading.

Unbeknownst to me, a massage and wine was a pretty good way to unwind before my reading and go in with a clear head. But, even some simple meditation, deep breathing or journaling for a few minutes before your reading will help to get your mind prepped to be psychically probed.

Remember, the energy you bring into your session is the energy your reader will be picking up on – you want that to be as stable and true to you as possible.