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Hello my name is Sarah. My ancestors are from Irish background. I am 4th generation intuitive, psychic, clairvoyant. Connecting with you from the higher source, including remote viewing. Being blessed with these gifts for over 24 years. I can offer you clarity, enlightenment, along with guidance, removing all blockages guiding you in the direction you wish to seek, along with compassion,and empathy. My readings are direct, with no sugar coating. I specialize in relationships issues, career. past, present and future. Lets connect for an insightful accurate reading. Blessings Sarah.

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Absolutely Gypsy Psychics
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 15 reviews
by J on Absolutely Gypsy Psychics

Sarah is absolutely amazing... her readings will blow your mind.

Even with things that aren't current she will say what she sees and it all will comes to light.

She is truly one amazing person with a gifted talent.

by Aaliyah on Absolutely Gypsy Psychics

Just had an incredible reading with Sarah. The reading left me feeling at peace, excited and reinvigorated with my path. She is an excellent person to deliver you the message you needed to hear while being warm, direct and accurate. Thank you for the reading!

by Cheryl on Absolutely Gypsy Psychics

Thanks as always so true to words i must say .

I love the input chat etc.

As i listen as at times i get over welm .

I thank you again sarha

by Jade on Absolutely Gypsy Psychics

one of the most profound readings I've had in a very long time.... Sarah's insight provided me with both peace and inspiration. Thank you for the giggle as well.. it was much needed.

by Cheryl on Absolutely Gypsy Psychics

I thank you again kind reader,more honest and lovely to
No sugar coating,gets right to the points,a wonderful soul and heart .
Such a trust person sees the light

by Tanya on Absolutely Gypsy Psychics

Thank you again Sarah for connecting with me again.... I will try and keep positive. It was lovely hearing your voice and guidance and you help me find peace that I am not imagining things. You validate to me what has transpired in the past and help me see what may yet unfold 🙂 I wish for this so much even though I push it away as I am also scared . Thank you and stay safe. Blessings to you always. I know now that I miss him more than ever before and want him to come back.

by crystal on Absolutely Gypsy Psychics

Wow… what a gorgeous soul. From the calm, compassionate voice to the authenticity of the read, Sarah is just a delight to speak with. A true lifeline when life throws unnerving obstacles. Thank you for the soulful reading. – Kristal S.

by sofia on Absolutely Gypsy Psychics

I always enjoy talking to Sarah. Her insights and understanding are invaluable and full of validation. She is wonderful spiritually and as a person. So much in common. – Sophia.

by suzanne on Absolutely Gypsy Psychics

Sarah, always honest, direct, to the point and accurate. Feels like chatting to my big sister. Thankyou. – Suzanne

by Krystal on Absolutely Gypsy Psychics

Sarah is the most accurate psychic i have EVER come across in my entire life. Being a psychic myself, i know when someones good and when someones hit and miss- but Sarah- shes amazing. What she says is not only accurate but it also comes true, thats how you know a psychic is good, but the results that happen after the reading. Sarah says it how she sees it, no BS, and has a beautiful wit to her. I adore my time with her, and i refuse to let any other person read for me but her. 10/10 The best xx

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