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Hello my name is Judy, l have been psychic from a small child. l would pick up the energies from others around me and would get messages come to me. My mother and grandmother would encourage me to work with it and listen for the messages. I have since developed my skills through psychic development classes and esoteric studies, including dream interpretation, sitting in circle and numerology. I am a qualified tarot reader and am able to use these tools which always back up what I pick up on a psychic level, which all assists me in my readings for a client. As well as traditional Astrology. I have been doing readings professionally now for 20 years.l look forward to doing a reading for you.

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Absolutely Gypsy Psychics
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 12 reviews
by Cheryl on Absolutely Gypsy Psychics

Again another honset reading as always ,you put my mind at ease

With the man and pe atound me too.

Whst else can i say i be back judy

by Karen on Absolutely Gypsy Psychics

Simply the best gave so much in short time i thank you so much

Had a bad reading from one of the other teaders and did

Not have much money left pr time and this lady was great

Luck to get a good one this time will call again when i have

Mote credit and can talk longer light and love 😇🙂

by Cheryl on Absolutely Gypsy Psychics

Hello judy thanks again and again plus the laugh too

I will contact you in a months time ,i feel better as it can be a

Better reading ,pple judy is very good call her.

by Cheryk on Absolutely Gypsy Psychics

Thanks judy again but i was wondering you said of another woman.

Your readings are great to me and in help wise.

We talk next time.

by Cheryl on Absolutely Gypsy Psychics

Yes i will not light the candle when i have visitors now .

I know specially peter.

Yes i do miss paul,thanks for tonight reading again.

Till next week judy.i need my time many thanks.

by Cheryl on Absolutely Gypsy Psychics

You are a different reader and i like that,you read good.

And honset ,see things also greatvto me i call again .

by julie on Absolutely Gypsy Psychics

Amazing Reader that's all I have to say!

by ana on Absolutely Gypsy Psychics

Amazing spot on reader gave me great insight into all my questions. Thank you Judy call you again soon. Ana

by Cheryl on Absolutely Gypsy Psychics

Thanks judy for last nite it is not to have sugar coating on a reading .

Your a lovely reader soul heart

by rayen on Absolutely Gypsy Psychics

Thank you Judy for a wonderful reading last night. You were spot on with what came through the reading with different questions. I will also keep you up to date with the predictions in the reading. Love & Light. – RK.

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