8 tips to develop your phone psychic reading tips.

phone psychic reading tips

Your psychic gifts might come naturally, but connecting with others over the phone can be a bit daunting and will require some skill development for this particular approach to using your inate psychic gifts. We break down some of the most important points to giving your phone psychic readings a boost.

  1. Give negative talk the flick. Giving into the critical self will hinder your psychic abilities. Work on silencing the negative voice in your head by trying to stay positive and upbeat. Have faith you’ll reach your psychic goals, whether that’s to give readings in person or join a psychic hotline. Ban sceptical thoughts and embrace your spiritual power – there’s no room for doubt.
  2. Hone your skills with practice. Get to know your gift inside and out – if you’re a psychometrist, try to connect with a wide range of objects until you feel their history strongly. If mentally visiting places is your thing (remote viewing), develop your imagination by starting small – thinking about a planned shopping trip or visiting a friend before sleep can induce vivid dreams of those places you can follow up the next day. For reading others’ thoughts (telepathy), exercise guessing what people are thinking daily. Practice on people you don’t know well. Flexing your psychic muscles is the only way to grow.
  3. Quell your fears. Seeing spirits can be scary. Hearing what others’ think can be unpleasant. The messages we receive come with a range of emotions that can be difficult to handle. But fear hinders your ability – when you’re afraid of the consequences of your spiritual gift you won’t be able to nurture it fully. Concentrate on all the good you can do and be brave – it’s worth the effort.
  4. Read about other psychics. You can learn a great deal from the journeys of other psychics. Apart from reinforcing your determination, you’ll gain solace from the fact that others have trod this path before you. You can also gain great insights into how to develop your gift and use it to help others.
  5. Embrace ‘me’ time. Your psychic abilities are often strongest when you’re most relaxed. If you’re too mentally or physically busy to hear the messages your gift wants you to receive, you’ll never succeed as a phone psychic medium. Take up a meditation practice – mindfulness meditations where you follow the path of your breath are particularly useful for clearing your mind and altering brain waves in your prefrontal cortex to boost psychic performance and energy.
  6. Be at peace with the world. When anger and conflict surround and fuels you, it’s hard to find that quiet space to nurture your psychic practice. Clear your head and the air with those you love – learn constructive arguing skills to defuse disputes before they escalate. A peaceful life goes hand in hand with psychic prowess.
  7. Help people. Your abilities are a gift – they’re designed to help others rather than your gain. Use your powers for the collective good, and you’ll likely see them grow tenfold. Try to win the lottery or predict a horse race and you might just lose them altogether.
  8. Believe in yourself. Your intuitive power is a wonderful blessing; trust it and yourself. Don’t be afraid to try – and be prepared to be wrong. Psychics hear the word ‘no’ all the time. Sometimes the future you’re predicting can come to pass years after – if you feel strongly about your premonition, stick to your guns. All you can do is offer your services in good faith – don’t get too invested in whether the other takes your advice. Everyone has their own journey to make.