Brigette - So accurate!! So amazing!! So uplifting!! reading was on Sept 13.




Jeanette - WOW!! The reading just flowed without me saying a thing! A truly gifted psychic!! Lifted me from a place of worry and confusion to completely positive and excited for the future! reading Sept 26.


Thank you




Gabrielle is spot on the nail, she has been reading for me for the past couple of months. I will always be calling you.


Thank you,




Omg Rose, everything you say just happens. You’re so accurate with you’re readings, Ill be calling and recommending you to all my friends and family.


Thank you.




Great reading  Mira, I will recommend you to my family and friend’s.


Thank you so much.





"Hope" is amazing! She saw things I just couldn't believe! The future is just so exciting!
"Rose" was just as I hoped, gentle advice and very positive guidance while at the same time tuning in really well seeing some great things happening very soon!!



Thank you Hope, I was stuck in my life and you helped in every way guiding me through my business issues. Highly recommended.





Thank you Amie, you just made my day and enlighten me in every way. I will speak again soon, cheers.




Rose, thank you so much for your reading and insight for helping me and guiding me through my issues I have in life. I will recommend you to my family and friends. Thank you once again.




Theron, you’re wonderful and thank you for giving me a great reading I will be recommending you to my family and friends.





Thank you Hope, your reading was just what I needed to hear. I lost my Grandmother and you helped me understand what she is trying to tell me now that she has passed over. Thank you once again.




A girlfriend recently told me about the Gypsy Psychics, after her amazing experience. I made a call and have never looked back. Jeanette does a seriously awesome job, personally taking care of her clients. Every Gypsy has a gift, whether it's Brigitte's wicked sense of humour, ridiculous accuracy and time predictions! Rebecca's clarity and 'blow you away' reading with Tarot, Veronica's 'wow-factor' visions! Rose's gentleness and gift of healing and Hope's life experience and ability to see clearly the months ahead, Gypsy Psychics gives me strength to have faith and trust always. 



 Just wont to leave a testimonal for Gabriel she was realy good spot on thankyou